Future Wings Academy / Akademie

We Bridge the gap in learning

Thank you for taking an interest in Future Wings Academy.


Our Vision
To offer a therapeutic remedial learning centre with small groups for learners that requires individualized remedial assistance with scholastic tasks as well as assistance with barriers to assessments/concessions.

• Bessie Venter-van Zyl (Educational Psychologist)
• Engela van der Heever – Greyling (Occupational Therapist)
• Nici Jansen van Rensburg (Speech-Language Therapist and Audiologist)

Our Program

• Curriculum

  • Alpha homeschooling curriculum with adapted CAPS aligned curriculum
  • You will be required to register your child as a homeschooled learner at the Department of Education. Assistance will be given in this matter.
  • Our remedial tutors will provide tutoring daily on a one-to-one basis and in a small classroom environment to ensure maximum development and allow each child to reach their maximum potential at their own pace.

• Therapeutic program

  • A Therapeutic program compiled by the team of Therapists will be followed at the centre every day in the classroom; it forms part of their daily routine. This includes fine and gross motor activities, a visual perception program, sensory stimulation, auditory perceptual activities, and language stimulation.
  • A self-regulation program is implemented in the classroom to assist with modulation and concentration difficulties.
  • Giving Children Wings Reading, Mathematics, and Concentration Centre sessions.
  • Should your child require individual therapy, the therapy sessions will be billed to your medical aid directly.

Enrolment Fee: R4500.00- New Learners (To be Paid upon enrolling a learner)
Re-Enrolment Fee: R900.00 – Learners at Future Wings during 2022

Tariff per Month (From Grade 1)

  • R5345 (Full Day) over 12 Months (7h30- 17h30) – includes meals
  • R3380.00 (Half Day) over 12 Months (7h30- 13h00)

Sibling Discount: 2.5% Discount per child on their monthly fee.
Pre-School: Grade RRR, RR & R 

  • R4145.00 (Full Day) over 12 Months (7h30- 17h30)
  • R3380.00 (Half Day) over 12 Months (7h30- 13h00)

Early Bird Discount: Settlement of annual fees prior to 31st January 2023 will entitle you to a discount of 5%: R49 740.00 – 5% = R47 253.00
Two Payment Discount: Settlement of annual fees in two payments of R24 870.00, the first payable before 31st January 2023 and R24 870.00 payable before 30th June 2023 will entitle you to a discount of 2.5% on the annual fee.

Navy Blue School Shirts with Logo: R180.00 (New orders will be placed end of January 2023)

Navy Blue School Jackets with Logo (Fleece & Max Jacket)

  • Fleece Jacket: R250.00
  • Max Jacket: R330.00

(New orders will be placed end of January 2023)


To be purchased by Parents- List will be provided

Textbooks: Future Wings will purchase the Textbooks after payment is received

Alpha: Parents will be in contact with Alpha directly- Forms will be provided.

For example: Has your child been diagnosed by a professional. What has been your previous academical experiences and what age is your child currently?