Is Future Wings Academy the right fit for your child?

Often, we are unsure as to when to ask for help with our children and sometimes you as a parent may feel out of control and lonely, in your quest to help your child? We, therefore, designed a checklist to assist you in understanding when your child may require a therapeutic, remedial program such as the one offered by Future Wings Academy

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then Future Wings Academy is the right place for you and your child.

  • Does your child have a good ability, but underachieves at school?
  • Does your child struggle to concentrate in a big classroom set-up?
  • Is your child physically restless?
  • Do you have to repeat instructions over and over?
  • Does your child struggle to read?
  • Does your child battle to express him-/herself in writing?
  • Does your child struggle to speak and to use language correctly?
  • Is your child’s handwriting illegible/poor?
  • Does your child struggle to spell a word correctly?
  • Does it take your child very long to complete homework?
  • Does it seem as if your child does not grasp numbers or letters?
  • Does your child experience problems with gross or fine motor activities?
  • Does your child need concessions/assessment accommodations at school, to help him/her to cope with assessments?
  • Is your child very emotional or anxious about going to school?

The multi-disciplinary team will assist with providing professional advice and a friendly learning environment for your child.

Please contact us for an assessment and let us assist you in giving your child their #futurewings.